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Make a Black Friday Call to Support Walmart Workers

You've definitely seen the local news stories where crowds of people swarm outside stores, fighting for the best Black Friday deals. But on this Black Friday, people are at Walmart stores across the country to fight for something else—a fair deal for Walmart workers. 

Support Walmart Workers

Walmart. On one hand we have the Walton family—Walmart’s owners. With almost $150 billion in wealth, they are the richest family in the nation. On the other hand, we have Walmart workers, most of whom work for less than $25,000 a year. Most are women. And this Thanksgiving, more than 1 million of them have to go to work instead of spending the full day with their families. The following day—Black Friday—thousands of Walmart workers and community allies will be striking and protesting all over the country, calling on Walmart to end retaliation for workers who speak out for better working conditions and pay.

Is FairPoint Offering Strikebreakers $300,000 a Year?

Nearly 2,000 members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) have been on strike against FairPoint Communications since Oct. 17. Now some suspect the company may be offering replacement workers more than $300,000 a year to perform the same jobs the striking workers did for less than a third of that.

Rhode Island Labor Movement Fought to Keep Workers at Home, Not Work on Thanksgiving

By now you have seen the flood of ads. This Thanksgiving America's largest retailers are in a race to see who can open first, open earliest, or stay open latest to offer "door buster" deals on cheap TVs made in China.This is a race with no winners and only losers—the hard working men and women of some of America's most recognizable, successful, and profitable companies.

Trumka: Labor Movement Proudly Stands With Walmart Workers on Black Friday

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released the following statement of solidarity with the Walmart workers who are striking on Black Friday (after the jump).

Stand with Walmart Strikers on Black Friday

Walmart workers, many who earn poverty-level wages and have irregular and part-time hours, have mobilized for justice and fairness at Walmart over the past few years and now are calling on Walmart to end retaliation against workers who are speaking up for better pay and working conditions. Now, workers’ allies in communities around the nation are joining them in massive demonstrations on Black Friday (Nov. 28), the biggest shopping day of the year.

Here’s What We’re Reading: Tuesday News Roundup

Here are some headlines from the working family’s news we're reading today (after the jump).

Trumka on Ferguson: We Cannot Deny the Perception That the System Is Not Yet Color Blind

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement in reaction to the grand jury decision in the shooting case of Michael Brown.


Two Years after Fatal Tazreen Fire, Life Worse for Survivors

Nov. 24 marks the two-year anniversary of the deadly fire at Tazreen Fashions Ltd. in Bangladesh that killed 112 garment workers. 

Since then, at least 30 garment workers have died in factory fires and 844 have been injured in 68 incidents, according to data collected by Solidarity Center staff in Dhaka, the capital. Many of the survivors and their families say they have received little or no compensation, and many survivors are unable to work again. 

5 Ways Walmart Avoids Paying Taxes and Is Scheming to Pay Even Less

A new report from Americans for Tax Fairness, How Walmart is Dodging Billions in Taxes: And Scheming to Avoid Billions More, details the ways that Walmart avoids paying $1 billion in taxes a year and is spending massive amounts of money so it can pay even less in taxes. The largest retailer in the country is owned by the richest family in the country and faces constant criticism for paying workers wages so low that many of its employees can't make ends meet.

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