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Photo Albums

12-04-2014: 2nd Annual Holiday Celebration
We had a fantastic time last night and thank you to everyone who supported and participated in our 2nd Annual Holiday Celebration.

11-28-2014: Black Friday Walmart Protest
Great turnout at the Modesto Walmart to protest Black Friday!

11-03-2014: GOTV
Thank you to everyone who helped this election season!

11-01-2014: Weekend GOTV
Weekend GOTV off to a great start for our endorsed labor candidates! Thank you LIUNA #1130, CSEA Sylvan Chapter #73, UDW, SEIU Local 1000 and Teamster's #948 and Joint Council 7.

10-29-2014: GOTV Phone Banking....
Another great night at phone banking...moving right along!

10-28-2014: GOTV Phone Banking
Over 500+ calls made tonight. Great job at GOTV at the Stanislaus-Tuolumne CLC.

10-26-2014: GOTV
Great day of GOTV on our first Sunday out! Thank you to everyone who came out to contribute their time to helping elect our labor endorsed candidates. Thank you to Astrid for the home made salads and Maria for doing the BBQ.

10-25-2014: Adam Gray for Assembly
Great turnout of supporters for Adam Gray for Assembly 2014! We had many delegates attend on behalf of the Council.

10-18-2014: Autism Speaks Walk
The Council was pleased to support this event for the second year in a row. For more information please visit:

10-15-2014: Phone Banking for our Labor Candidates
Great job SEIU Local 1000, SEIU-UHW and UDW tonight at phone banking for our labor candidates! Dr. Harwinder Grewal for Assembly District 12, Betty Yee for State Controller and Michael Eggman for Congress, District 10!

10-13-2014: October Monthly Meeting
Great meeting last night! We swore in Rocio from Teamster's Local #948. Mr. Dave White, CEO of the Stanislaus Alliance WIB (Workforce Investment Board) came to visit us to discuss and present the latest economic developments and changes in the unemployment rate. The need for skilled workers was stressed in the trades and to help encourage community discussion on other educational and skilled pathway alternatives other than "traditional schooling". He invited us to a press conference today at the Modesto Bee at 9:00 am that will announce a company from the United Kingdom that has decided to open their first USA plant in Modesto. Modesto City Councilmember, Tony Madrigal gave us an update on recent developments and let us know he is now a father. Congratulations!

10-04-2014: NVLF GOTV Event
Great turnout for our endorsed labor candidates.

09-27-2014: GOTV Precinct Walk
Delegates from many Unions showing up to support our candidates.

09-25-2014: Phone Banking Night
Thank you to SEIU-UHW for phone banking tonight!

09-20-2014: Stanislaus-Tuolumne Campaign Kickoff
Nice to have Assembly District 12 Candidate, Harinder Grewal and our Congressional Candidate for District 10, Michael Eggman. Our Campaign kickoff was great and we had SIX Republican voters request Eggman for Congress signs and we DELIVERED!

09-04-2014: Community Candidate CLC BBQ
Great turnout and thank you to all those that helped! Very pleased that so many of our endorsed candidates were able to make it tonight. It was great to hear everyone talking about the upcoming elections. Special thanks to Abel Lemas, Jerry Hunsucker and Maria Patterson for putting together the BBQ.

09-01-2014: Merced Mariposa CLC Annual Labor Day Picnic
Proud sponsor of this year's Labor Day Picnic.

08-26-2014: COPE Meeting
We had our COPE Committee Meeting and we had some guests. They are delegates to the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Council and are recent graduates of the first NVLF political activist training program. Congratulations!

08-23-2014: Stanislaus County DCC Annual Edmund Pat Brown Dinner
Our Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council was very well represented by our delegates! The Annual Edmund G. Pat Brown Dinner recognized the Chair of the Stanislaus DCC, Gary Robbins for all of his work helping to elect Democrats. Congratulations!

08-14-2014: Sutter Tracy Community Hospital Nurses Strike
"TRACY — Registered nurses at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital plan to walk off the job for 24 hours starting at 7 a.m. Thursday and staff a picket line outside to protest what they say is the hard line taken by hospital executives on nurses’ concerns over safe staffing, other patient care issues and fair standards on health coverage."

08-11-2014: CWA Atwater Call Center Rally
AT&T has threatened to close the Castle Call Center in Atwater, costing over 400 jobs, the vast majority of which are union. The Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council has joined with CWA to fight back. Rally in Atwater to let AT&T know we aren't going down without a fight.

08-09-2014: Teamster's #386 Annual BBQ
Gaylord Phillips, our NVLF Secretary Treasurer and IBT Member of #386 invited all our affiliates to attend their annual picnic. Senator Cannella, Asm. Adam Gray, Candidate for AD 12, Harwinder Grewal and Commissioner Virginia Madueno were all there.

08-06-2014: CSEA 88th Annual Conference
Thank you to the CSEA Delegates from the Stanislaus-Tuolumne CLC for inviting the officers to attend their 88th Annual Conference. We had the best time learning about how your Union works and had the best company! Thank you so much for everything. In Unity - For more information on the CSEA 88th Annual Conference please click the link here for the article.

08-03-2014: San Joaquin Democratic Central Committee Annual BBQ
Our Council supported this event as they support our labor endorsed 10th Congressional District Candidate Michael Eggman.

07-11-2014: CA Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting
2014 Summer Executive Board Meeting July 11-13, 2014 Oakland Marriott City Center

07-29-2014: CA Labor Federation Biennial Convention
"This week, the California Labor Federation held its biennial convention in San Diego, with union delegates setting the course for Labor this year and beyond." Click here for more information on the convention.

06-27-2014: North Valley Labor Federation Quarterly Meeting
Great to hear our endorsed candidate for Congressional District 10, Michael Eggman speak at the meeting.

06-24-2014: Supporting Modesto Nurses Right to Organize
Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer representing our Council and voicing our support for the nurses right to organize!

06-20-2014: San Joaquin-Calaveras Central Labor Council Golf Tournament
The Council supported the San Joaquin-Calaveras Central Labor Council's Annual Golf Tournament. Jerry Hunsucker, VP of Stanislaus-Tuolumne Central Labor Council representing.

06-12-2014: Tracy Taylor Farms Rally
Unions, community activists, CA Labor Federation and elected officials, including IBT President Jimmy Hoffa rallied for safe working conditions and union organization at the Tracy, CA Taylor Farms plant.

06-09-2014: June Central Labor Council Meeting
Fantastic meeting! The Council swore in six new delegates. We also heard from Congressional Candidate for District 10, Michael Eggman, AD 12 Candidate, Harinder Grewal and Modesto City Councilmember, Tony Madrigal. Over 40+ delegates attended. Every meeting is getting bigger and bigger!

06-03-2014: NVLF Election Night Watch Party
Celebrating our endorsed candidates

05-14-2014: Candidate Phone Banking
Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council Phone Banking

04-25-2014: Eggman for Congress (CD-10) Campaign HQ Opening
The Stanislaus-Tuolumne Leadership: Astrid Zuniga(S/T), Nikki Linnerman (Pres.) and Jerry Hunsucker (VP) showed support for our labor endorsed candidate for Congress, District 10, Michael Eggman

04-23-2014: Volunteer Phone Banking
Calling all volunteers for this Saturday's Precinct walk.

04-10-2014: California Labor's 2014 Pre-Primary Convention
Pre-Primary Endorsements

03-17-2014: CA Labor Federation 2014 Joint Legislative Conference
Labor's bills and policy issues. Our CLC leadership and many delegates attended the Annual Legislative Conference.

03-07-2014: CA Democratic Convention
The 2014 California Democrats State Convention took place the weekend of March 7-9 in Los Angeles. The Labor Caucus had well over 500+ attendees at their meeting.

02-26-2014: 2014 Building Workforce Partnerships Conference
Sponsored by the California Labor Federation's Workforce and Economic Development Program

02-20-2014: COPE Meeting
The COPE Committee met to discuss the 2014 local political timelines and questionnaire.

02-18-2014: NVLF Political Training
The NVLF had a political training for delegates at the LIUNA Hall in Stockton. The CA Labor Federation was a co-presenter. Astrid Zuniga and Nikki Linnerman attended.

Stanislaus Tuolumne Labor Council Affiliates
Affiliated Unions and Constituency Groups

02-09-2014: CA Democratic Party Pre-Endorsements
Congratulations Michael Eggman on receiving the CA Democratic pre-endorsement. Michael Eggman for Congress

01-06-2014: First Meeting of the New Year
We were pleased to have Mr. Dave White, CEO of the Stanislaus Alliance (WIB), as our guest speaker for our first meeting of the New Year. For more information please visit their website by clicking this link.

12-09-2013: COPE Crabfeed
Keynote Speaker: Maria Elena Durazo Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, National AFL-CIO Chair, Immigration Reform and Vice President, National AFL-CIO Executive Council.

11-26-2013: Our Elected and Endorsed Candidates Swearing-In
Three new Modesto City Council members were sworn in at Tuesday night’s council meeting. City Clerk Stephanie Lopez administered the oath of office for, from left, Bill Zoslocki, Jenny Kenoyer and Tony Madrigal – the winners in the Nov. 5 election.

11-13-2013: Biennial National CLUW Convention
The 17th Biennial Convention of CLUW. The Central CA CLUW Chapter was recognized with the Joyce D. Miller Award for recruitment of the most members in America for the second National Biennial CLUW convention in a row. Laura Reyes, the National Secretary-Treasurer of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) was the Convention's keynote speaker. Astrid Zuniga did a great job introducing their highest Union ranking officer. "Is your hair on fire yet?"

10-25-2013: San Joaquin-Calaveras Labor Community Dinner
Secretary-Treasurer, Astrid Zuniga and President, Nikki Linnerman represented the Council at the dinner. Fantastic event!

10-12-2013: GOTV for our Endorsed Candidates
Precinct walks every Saturday from 9-2 pm until election. Thank you to LIUNA for bringing over 20 of their members!

10-02-2013: CARA 2013 Convention
Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer of the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties CLC represented us at the 10th Annual CARA Convention - Hilton Arden West, Sacramento.

09-28-2013: GOTV for our Endorsed Candidates
The Central Labor Council had their kick off for our endorsed candidates. Precinct walks every Saturday from 9-2 pm until election! Come on out!

09-08-2013: National AFL-CIO Convention
The AFL-CIO is governed by a quadrennial convention at which all federation members are represented by elected delegates of our Unions. Convention delegates set broad policies and goals for the Union movement.

09-04-2013: SNO PAC Labor Meeting
The meeting was held at the UDW Union Hall. Labor met to discuss political coalition building in the Central Valley.

08-31-2013: 6th Annual High Tea of Hope-Stanislaus Family Justice
Secretary-Treasurer, Astrid Zuniga and President, Nikki Linnerman attended the 6th Annual fundraiser for the Stanislaus Family Justice Center. We both feel it is important to be seen and heard in our communities that we represent. We had a very successful outreach opportunity. It provided the doorway to discuss the importance of labor and Unions while supporting a worthwhile cause.

08-16-2013: CIR Lobby Day with Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CD 10)
The CLC delegation lobbied Rep. Jeff Denham on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We invited the National AFL-CIO, North Valley Labor Federation and CA Labor Federation to participate. Rep. Denham stated he supported comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship publicly for the first time.

08-16-2013: Immigration Reform Pilgrimage in Patterson
We are at a critical moment in the battle and we must continue to pressure our representatives. In efforts to do just that, a Pilgrimage was organized throughout CA where 11 leaders walked 286 miles in 21 days. The pilgrims carried the suffering and dreams of the 11 million aspiring Americans. UDW and our Council's delegates were present at this event.

08-14-2013: Immigration Reform Pilgrimage to Bakersfield
Nikki Linnerman, President and Ms. Addie Brinkley, Delegate (CWA) and Ms. Fern (CWA) represented on the Historic CA Caravan to Citizenship.

07-26-2013: CA Labor Federation Statewide Strategy Session
Planning for 2014 with the 23 Central Labor Council's Leadership in CA in conjunction with the CA Labor Federation. Thank you to Teamster's Local 70 for hosting the meeting.

06-17-2013: NUNS on the Bus - Denham Lobby Visit
The Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council was represented by the President. The lobby visit to Representative Denham's office on Comprehensive Immigration Reform was very positive. Rep. Denham was unable to attend and we met with his staffer.

06-11-2013: CA Labor Federation - Women of Labor Conference
Sponsored by the California Labor Federation and the UFCW Women's Network. The President of the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council attended on our behalf.

06-10-2013: UDW Statewide E-Board Swearing In Ceremony
Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer was sworn in over the weekend of June 8-10. UDW held their State Wide Executive Board Meeting in Temecula at the Pachanga Casino Resort.

05-31-2013: Building Workforce Partnerships Conference
2013 There were three Workforce Investment Board Directors who are our delegates that represented the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Central Labor Council at this year's conference. This conference is ultimately about collaboration -- only working together can labor, business, government, and communities bridge the economic needs of working families and the challenge of sustainable economic recovery and growth.

05-28-2013: Assembly Bill 667 Labor Lobby Day
UFCW sponsored bill AB 667 (Hernandez) passed the Assembly today. Labor also actively lobbied for passage of AB 880 (Gomez). Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council was represented and actively lobbied in conjunction with the CA Labor Federation.

05-17-2013: San Joaquin-Calaveras CLC 29th Annual Golf Tournament
Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council was proud to be a sponsor of the 29th Annual Golf Tournament for the San Joaquin-Calaveras CLC.

05-01-2013: May Day Immigration Reform March
The NVLF, Union and community allies from around the region hosted a family celebration, rally, and march in commemoration of International Workers Day.

04-26-2013: Central Labor Council Leadership Training (AFL-CIO)
The Central Labor Council Leadership within the North Valley Labor Federation received training on their positions from the National AFL-CIO. Special presentation by Tim Paulson, Executive Director of the SF Central Labor Council.

04-16-2013: CA Labor Federation Legislative Conference
Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer, Nikki Linnerman, President and Jerry Hunsucker, Vice President of the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council all attended. "We believe that those who have worked hard for our economy should have a path to citizenship."

04-08-2013: Stanislaus-Tuolumne Central Labor Council Meeting
Our Council swore in ten delegates at our second meeting. Congratulations to our new delegates and many "thank you's" to our affiliates!

04-06-2013: March for Family Unity Honoring Cesar Chavez
Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer and Nikki Linnerman, President of the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council represented with many of our affiliates and delegates. Supporters and community members were voicing the need for immigration reform, promoting family unity and honoring Cesar Chavez.

04-03-2013: Immigration Listening Session with Congressman Denham
Featuring Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-04), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.

03-21-2013: Stanislaus DCC Awards Dinner
Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee Awards Dinner honoring Gaylord Phillips, IBT #386 and Michael Burtch for all their work in the Democratic Party. Astrid Zuniga, Secretary-Treasurer, Nikki Linnerman, President and Jerry Hunsucker, Vice President alongside many of our affiliates and Union members attended and showed our support.

03-20-2013: NVLF Convention and Election of Officers
Congratulations to Gaylord Phillips, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local #386 our new Secretary-Treasurer of the North Valley Labor Federation, Mike Loza, (UDW) as President and Tom Aja (OE3) as Vice President.

03-23-2013: AFL-CIO Western Regional Conference
SEATTLE Mar. 25, 2013 — Over the weekend, labor and community leaders from WA, OR, AK, CA, CO, NM, MT, WY, AZ, ID, HI, NV and UT gathered here for the largest AFL-CIO Western Regional Conference ever held, with 180 attendees from AFL-CIO state federations, central labor councils, and community organizations from the AFL-CIO’s Western Region. Photos of the AFL-CIO Western Regional Conference

02-14-2013: Fresno County Democratic Women's Club
80th Annual Anniversary Celebration and Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Congratulations to all the 2013 Honorees. Including our very own Vice President, Jerry Hunsucker,(UFCW-8). Thank you to Mr. Howard Watkins for the professional photographs which he had archived at CSU Fresno.

02-10-2013: Stanislaus-Tuolumne CLC Election of Officers
Sooo....We are all sworn in now and looking forward to 2013-2015. Thank you to all the affiliates and congratulations to all the Officers, Trustees and Executive Board Members.

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